• Hydro One Brampton

    The Hydro One Brampton residential
    solar demonstration system is a 1.56 kW
    grid-tie system. It showcases the components
    used in a grid-tie solar photovoltaic system and
    how the configuration would be connected and
    installed on a typical house.
  • Residential Solar PV

    Located in Queensville, Ontario, this 8.55 kW
    solar PV grid-tie system was installed
    in 2006. Designed with backup capability for
    power outages, it significantly reduces
    home owners' electric utility bills.
  • Commercial Solar PV

    Located in Cambridge, Ontario, this 98 kW
    solar PV grid-tie system is compliant
    with Ontario's FIT (Feed-in Tariff) program.
    It produces approximately 98,000 kWh
    in electricity and generates $70,000
    annually in income.

Corporate Profile

Incorporated in 2004, based in Ontario Canada, Enviro-Energy Technologies Inc. (EET) is a leading consulting engineering firm specializing in solar photovoltaic (PV) projects. EET provides engineering, procurement, construction and project management to both residential and commercial sectors.

Enviro-Energy Technologies Inc. maintains exceptionally high standards. EET is committed to delivering projects on-budget and on-schedule to the complete satisfaction of its clients. To date, EET has completed over 100 solar PV projects which comprise commercial, residential, industrial and institutional. Every one of these projects passed Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) approval on first inspection.

Enviro-Energy Technologies Inc.'s business strategy is to maintain first-class technical expertise, product knowledge and commitment to provide clients optimum designs at very competitive rates. EET's goal is to help clients achieving energy independence.

Our Clients