• Hydro One Brampton

    The Hydro One Brampton residential
    solar demonstration system is a 1.56 kW
    grid-tie system. It showcases the components
    used in a grid-tie solar photovoltaic system and
    how the configuration would be connected and
    installed on a typical house.
  • Residential Solar PV

    Located in Queensville, Ontario, this 8.55 kW
    solar PV grid-tie system was installed
    in 2006. Designed with backup capability for
    power outages, it significantly reduces
    home owners' electric utility bills.
  • Commercial Solar PV

    Located in Cambridge, Ontario, this 98 kW
    solar PV grid-tie system is compliant
    with Ontario's FIT (Feed-in Tariff) program.
    It produces approximately 98,000 kWh
    in electricity and generates $70,000
    annually in income.

About Solar Power

A photovoltaic (PV, solar electric) system converts the sun's rays into standard household current and feeds into the home's electricity circuits, providing power for your home. In addition to saving money, solar systems are good for the environment. Unlike conventional sources of electricity, which are a major cause of problems like smog, acid rain and global warming, a solar system produces no air or water pollution.

Solar has zero emissions, operates silently, requires little maintenance and is generated where it is needed - in the home, at a factory or in an office building. Solar energy's benefits are real and immediate - creating savings for years to come while reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and helping the environment.

Due to strong demand world-wide and technological innovations, solar PV panels have become increasingly affordable. In fact, in the past 10 years, its price has dropped by 90%.

Solar PV systems are upgradable and expandable. Depending on your budget, a basic system can be installed initially and more PV modules can be added later.

For more information on solar power, please refer to An Introduction to Photovoltaic System.

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