• Hydro One Brampton

    The Hydro One Brampton residential
    solar demonstration system is a 1.56 kW
    grid-tie system. It showcases the components
    used in a grid-tie solar photovoltaic system and
    how the configuration would be connected and
    installed on a typical house.
  • Residential Solar PV

    Located in Queensville, Ontario, this 8.55 kW
    solar PV grid-tie system was installed
    in 2006. Designed with backup capability for
    power outages, it significantly reduces
    home owners' electric utility bills.
  • Commercial Solar PV

    Located in Cambridge, Ontario, this 98 kW
    solar PV grid-tie system is compliant
    with Ontario's FIT (Feed-in Tariff) program.
    It produces approximately 98,000 kWh
    in electricity and generates $70,000
    annually in income.

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