• Hydro One Brampton

    The Hydro One Brampton residential
    solar demonstration system is a 1.56 kW
    grid-tie system. It showcases the components
    used in a grid-tie solar photovoltaic system and
    how the configuration would be connected and
    installed on a typical house.
  • Residential Solar PV

    Located in Queensville, Ontario, this 8.55 kW
    solar PV grid-tie system was installed
    in 2006. Designed with backup capability for
    power outages, it significantly reduces
    home owners' electric utility bills.
  • Commercial Solar PV

    Located in Cambridge, Ontario, this 98 kW
    solar PV grid-tie system is compliant
    with Ontario's FIT (Feed-in Tariff) program.
    It produces approximately 98,000 kWh
    in electricity and generates $70,000
    annually in income.

Reference and Testimonial

From Barb & Richard,
. . . – and the short version of the story is that Steve delivered all that he promised. We respected the fact that he advised us against buying renewable energy systems that he did not believe would provide sufficient benefit. We wanted to buy a solar hot water system from him, but after looking at the layout of our house, he explained that it would’t work well here. We ended up with a grid-tie solar photovoltaic system and a solar thermal panel heater. As promised, Steve managed the project, always arriving at the promised time, and we simply wrote a cheque. Both systems have worked perfectly since then, but we are certain that if we ever needed service or support, Steve would be responsive. - See full reference letter.

From Geoff & Martha,
. . . Steven and his team installed the system in one day . . . We were so impressed with Steven's high standard of workmanship and expertise that we wanted to thank him by writing this letter of commendation. - See full reference letter.

From Gord,
. . . With Steve's knowledge and clear communications there were no surprises including costs, components, installation and performance. Steve has been available at any time to answer my questions and to give advice. - See full reference letter.

From Hans & Rosalind,
. . . we were confronted with details related to installation and the complex agreements and permits that had to be finalized. It is in this area that Mr. Eng was a reliable and conscientious guide. - See full reference letter.

From Rudy,
. . . Your timely response to any of my questions and your adherence to all promise dates is world class so was cleanliness of installation and the job site. - See full reference letter.

From MCC Resendes,
. . . It was our good fortune that we contacted your company . . . You lived up to your promise with ease . . . Your management of the process was a pleasure to observe and your engineering competence was always evident. - See full reference letter.